Event Coverage

Special Event Services

When you organize a large special event or athletic competition, you want to insure that the best care is available in case of a medical emergency. HVA is one of the largest providers of special event emergency medical services in the U.S. We cover large events like U-M Football, the Ann Arbor Art Fair and games and concerts at Compuware Arena in Plymouth. We also cover local fairs, festivals and school sports.

As one of our many community services, we offer “pull out” standby event coverage for nonprofit organizations and schools. If the ambulance is not needed elsewhere, it will stay at or near the event.

For more info or to schedule event coverage, please call:

Washtenaw County events – 734-477-6341

Western Wayne or southwest Oakland County events – 734-477-6246


Bike Medic Teams (see also Special Teams)

HVA paramedics serve on bicycle teams which patrol special events such as the Ann Arbor Art Fair, the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, numerous events in the City of Plymouth and more. Medics work in pairs and carry much of the same equipment and medications that they carry on the ambulance (minus the stretcher, of course). Bike medics can quickly maneuver through crowds to get to emergencies quickly. While medics treat the patient, an ambulance is brought closer if transport is needed. They also provide community outreach, answering questions from the public when they are not on a call.


HVA Honor Guard (see also Special Teams)

HVA's Honor Guard represents our organization and our employees at company events, funerals and ceremonial events in the community.




Mobile Operations Center

HVA’s Mobile Command Post, or Mobile Operations Center (MOC), serves as an on-site central coordination post for large sporting or community events. In the event of a major disaster, HVA's MOC is available to public safety agencies or hospitals at no charge. The vehicle is 40 feet in length and contains:

  • a communications area with two radio positions and three-way telephone capability (cellular, internet and landline)
  • a conference room equipped with satellite television
  • an area for preparing food
  • generator power
  • heated and air-conditioning
  • water supply, coffee and other refreshments
  • a small amount of first aid equipment and supplies
  • a restroom

The communications area has a system for on-site communications interoperability and is capable of communicating on the Michigan Public Safety Communications System and other radio frequencies.

Available for any public safety agency or hospital in southeast or south central Michigan, the MOC can be en route within 30 minutes of a request. An HVA medic will be assigned to the vehicle to assist you with vehicle set up and use during the duration of the event. To request our MOC, contact the HVA Communications Supervisor at 1-800-872-1111.