For ambulance, Call 9-1-1 or 1-800-872-1111

About Jackson Community Ambulance

JCA is a nationally accredited, nonprofit community-owned organization. JCA provides paramedic emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation to more than 160,000 residents in all of Jackson County and parts of Lenawee and Calhoun counties.

JCA’s 21 ambulances operate out of its headquarters on Ingham St. in the City of Jackson. Additional stations are located in:

  • Adrian, City of
  • Albion, City of
  • Blackman Township
  • Brooklyn, Village of (Cambridge Township)
  • Jackson, City of
  • Raisin Township
  • Spring Arbor Township
  • Summit Township
  • Tecumseh, City of

Summer 2017 JCA Update newsletter